Northpoint Application Form

*A Northpoint application form is to be completed and signed by the applicant on every application made for a building permit

Application Checklist

* Refer to the checklist to ensure your application contains the minumum requirements needed to make an application for a building permit.

Application for Occupancy Permit

*Once a Final Inspection has been conducted on your new home an application for Occupancy permit will need to be completed and forwarded to our office.

Protection on Adjoining Property

* Building work can sometimes adversely affect adjoining properties. An owner who is proposing building work has obligations under the Building Act 1993 to protect adjoining property from potential damage from their work. If building work is close to or adjacent to adjoining property boundaries, then an owner may be required to carry out protection work in respect of that adjoining property.

Protection Work Notice Form 3 Protection Work Notice Response Form 4

Note: *forms will be downloaded in PDF or Word format



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